David Ohlssons
snickeri AB

Company history

The original company was founded in 1947 by David Ohlsson. From the  start  the company mainly dealt with making parts and chassis and associated  parts for wagons. With the  coming  availability of the modern car and tractor, the demand for  hand crafted wagon parts declined and  the company began  production in the field of construction  carpentry and joinery to  fitting out  shops and other interior carpentry work.

In 1950 the company began  an association with the world famous Dux bed manufacturer This comprised of making bed framings to order, though on a small scale. In 1960 the  expansion of the company required  larger premise’s and  as Dux expanded and built larger  workshops, David Ohlsson took over the old Dux  factory building.

This association with Dux continues to this day on a much larger scale.

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