David Ohlssons
snickeri AB


The company has over for more than 50 years  produced high quality bed frames and has  during this time aquired considerable knowledge and experience coupled with craftsmanship, high quality combined with  cutting edge technology to bring the highest  possible quality products to its customers.

David Ohlssons Snickerier Ab is situated about  20 kilometers south of Hässleholm in Skåne which is in southern Sweden. The company is a family  owned company and is run by two brothers, Thomas and Leif Davidsson. The company employs at present 12  highly skilled craftsmen and has a yearly turn over of 16 million Swedish crowns.

Within the company  is a willingness to please the customer and their demands, no matter what kind of  product is required and often form a major part in the customers production process, guaranteeing delivery and the high quality that our clients demands.

Fabriksgatan 3- 280 10 sösdala - Tel: +46 451-605 76 - Fax: +46 451-61411 - david.ohlsson@swipnet.se